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Anatoly's Retribution: Book One

Book Four of  Series

The Medlov Men Series 


433 pages in paperback.

Only $3.15 in eBook


“Life has a way of coming full circle, even for the wealthiest and most powerful of men.  If he is lucky, that closed circle will lead him to his purpose.”  Renee Medlov


Anatoly Medlov has seen a few things in his young life.  From rags to riches, the beautiful blonde Vor was elevated from the poverty-ridden streets of the Kapotnya District in Moscow to the lavish, billionaire lifestyle of his international Russian Mafiya father, Dmitry Medlov.  However, ascension did not come without sacrifice for the young prince of the underworld.  Every woman Anatoly has ever loved or had affection for in his adult life has been scarred by him in some way.     


While on a mission to find his half-brother in Miami, Anatoly is faced with a chance to face his demons and save his marriage, but what he doesn’t know is closing the perpetual circle of hurt in his life will lead him on a larger journey to save his baby sister from a sinister man and its sex trafficking ring.      


Anastaysia is right under Anatoly’s nose, being trafficked in the same city that he’s in to carry out his father’s orders.  Torn from her family and tricked into slavery, she discovers that there are worse monsters in this world than her brother, Anatoly.  With no way to find Anatoly and no way to run, she must depend on her prayers to be heard and a miracle to happen. 


Read Book One of Anatoly’s Retribution by USA TODAY bestselling romance author, Latrivia Welch.   Book Two will be released on November 1, 2017.








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