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Author Latrivia Nelson Makes USA Today’s Best Seller List

July 21, 2015


Internationally recognized, national best-selling interracial romance author, Latrivia S. Nelson, will now carry the title of USA Today Best-selling author.  Earlier today, USA Today released its weekly best seller list and listed Nelson along with 11 other top authors of African-American and Interracial Romance as #119 on their list for the 12 Alphas 12 Months box set.

“I was speechless when I received the call from Yvette Hines this morning,” said Nelson.  “This is such an honor, and I think that it speaks to the support of our work by many readers across the country.  I cannot thank them or the authors who were a part of this project enough.”

National Bestselling Author Latrivia Nelson Expected to Take Fiancé’s Surname

June 30, 2015


 Internationally recognized, national bestselling interracial romance author, Latrivia S. Nelson, is excited about her pending nuptials to fiance, Bruce Welch, but she is also faced with the challenge that many women authors face when debating if she’ll take his name on her books.

“Nelson was my married name,” Latrivia Nelson said in a television interview earlier this month. “Now that I’m marrying again, I feel like a step in the right direction is to change my last name on my books as well.  I’m going to spend the rest of my life with this new, wonderful man, and I don’t want to be reminded of old things or old lives in the process.” 

Interracial Romance Author Latrivia Nelson Signs Contract With TCA Jedroot

November 16, 2014


Bestselling Interracial Romance Author Latrivia Nelson recently signed a one-year contract with esteemed talent agent, Tracy Christian, Partner at TCA JEDROOT, based out of Los Angeles, California. The indie author, based out of Memphis, TN, has written 20 novels, including 8 bestsellers from the popular Medlov Crime Family Series, Lonely Heart Series and Agosto Series.

“I’m truly excited about the possibilities, which could be endless,” said Nelson. “When I received the call from Ms. Christian, I was both honored and impressed with her presentation of TCA JED ROOT and the synergy that we could create. Their track record in this industry is phenomenal and Tracy truly is an inspiration. I was happy to sign the contract, and I’m looking forward to working with her team to take my books from print to the small or big screen.”

The World in Reverse Interview on WREG-TV 

August 19, 2013


Author Latriva Nelson has topped several of Amazon’s Best Seller lists with her new novel “World in Reverse”.


She spins a nail-biting tale set right here in Memphis. As her hero, a Memphis cop, has to go against everything he stands for to solve a grisly murder case.

Memphis author nets ‘USA Today’ best-seller honor

August 23, 2015


Nelson is most known for her Medlov Crime Family Series, which is credited with starting the anti-hero organized crime element of the interracial romance genre that has grown such much today. She was also the first African-American woman to write about the Russian mafia in interracial romantic suspense. For years, she held the record for writing the largest book (616 pages) in interracial romance with her first book, “Ivy's Twisted Vine” (2008).

Latrivia Welch highlighted in Book Riot African-American Authors Article

April 7, 2016


But there are other black romance novelists on the planet. And they deserve some love, too. They write historical fiction, contemporary, suspense, paranormal, and sci-fi romance. They write about cowboys, gangsters, billionaires and preachers. They write about black love and interracial, multicultural love.

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