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Vasily's Revenge (2014)

Book One of  Series

The Medlov Men Series 


Vasily Kavlov has been proud of one title in his life - head enforcer of the Medlov Organized Crime Family. As a Russian Mafia hit man, his entire purpose has been to protect his bosses and their families without prejudice. However, even the bravest hit man has loved at least once. To Vasily’s detriment, it was his former boss, Leo Rasputin’s wife, Lilly. After sticking his neck out once in the name of love to protect her, Vasily was nearly killed and then discarded by the very man whom he had sworn his allegiance. 

Given a second and better chance with Dmitry Medlov and his men, Vasily focused on climbing the ranks and becoming lauded by his brethren. Now the head of security for the Medlov Crime Family, a feared and revered faction of the Vory v Zakone, he put all ideas of love aside and follows the code of the Thieves-in-Law. That is until Leo breaks out of Attica and tries to hunt down Lilly in an attempt to take her life. 

Secret pacts between men and women come unbound as the race for $20 million in diamonds unveils the truth for Vasily. He might not only carry the title of enforcer but also the title of father to Lilly’s eight-year-old son. Hiding them under the guard of the Medlov family, Vasily must find the diamonds, find the men responsible for the set up and finally find out the truth. 

Read Vasily’s Revenge, the first book in the newest Russian Mafia series, The Medlov Men, by national bestselling author Latrivia S. Nelson. 







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