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Book 6 of The Lonely Heart Series


"Marines don't know how to spell the word defeat.” 

                                                                                Gen. James “Mad Dog” Mattis


Staff Sergeant Brett Black is a decorated, career force recon Marine dedicated to Country, Family and God.  Married to the colonel’s daughter, Courtney Black, the father of two and prepping for a promotion, his world is finally on track after a long history of unfortunate events.


However, while on a special op in in Afghanistan, Brett is severely wounded trying to save the life of a friend.  Immediately, he is shipped back to the U.S. with the expectation of being medically retired for injuries sustained in the line of duty.  Only for a man who has only known one way of life his entire adulthood, the prospect of being kicked of out the Marine Corps creates an internal crisis and an external family conflict.  Will he be able to fight back to the man he was to stay in his beloved Corps?


Courtney Black is a new bride with a bubbling stepson and a brand new baby girl; however, she doesn’t want to just be a military wife her entire life.  So, when her husband is injured, she sees an opportunity for them to leave Camp LeJeune and start a new adventure across the country, especially when Brett’s son’s biological father comes out of the shadows and threatens to fight for full custody.   It’s her job to keep her family together, and for once in her life, she has a new found respect for her mother.   Will she be able to find the balance between personal aspirations and family obligation?


Looks like the honeymoon is officially over the Black family.  Read the love story about two young hearts as  they discover that marriage is nothing about convenience but everything about sacrifice, honor and unity. 


The 6th book in the Lonely Heart Series, The Grunt 2.














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