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"Have you ever heard the saying, when “God made so and so, he broke the mold”? I’m going to take my poetic license here and say that when God made best-selling authors, Latrivia S. Nelson decided to take the traditional model, bash it to kingdom come, and then redesign it into an author in control over their own titles, but with an ability to amass a huge audience and sales that can make your head spin."



"Nine authors — Sienna Mynx, Latrivia Nelson, Pepper Pace, Bridget Midway, Serenity King, Aliyah Burke, Tiana Laveen, Yvette Hines, Erosa Knowles — offer up a great array of stories with the common theme of "scandalous heroes." "

Michelle Monkou, USATODAY, 7/07/2014

"...After I discovered Latrivia S. Nelson I will never look back. Come and experience Memphis through the eyes of Nelson....."


Ebookitude 7/5/10

"As always Latrivia Nelson did an outstanding job. The plot was well developed, leaving me guessing what would happen next whenever I would stop reading to either sleep, go to work, or run an errand. If this were a movie, I'd gladly pay to see it in a theater or on television."

Not Your Hollywood  , 4/2/12

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