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Formerly Latrivia Nelson, Latrivia Welch recently changed her name after she married.  “This is an important time in my life, and I’m happy to share it fully with Bruce.”   

Click here to read the full news release about Latrivia's new branding. 

Finding love can be a difficult thing, especially in the middle of life happening. The Lonely Heart Series is a bw/wm interracial romance series that captures the essence of relationships regardless of race, religion, socioeconomic status or even royal status.  Each book is different with its own flavor and tempo.  So there is bound to be something for everyone.  Have fun with books designed to melt your heart and characters designed to entertain you. 

Books in this series in chronological order:

1. The Ugly Girlfriend (2010)

2.  Finding Opa (2011)

3.  The Grunt (2011)

4.  The Contingency Plan (2012)

5.  Highness (2015)

6.  The Grunt 2 (2016)

7.  Highness 2 (Coming Soon)

8.  Red and Blu (Coming Soon)

9.  Gracie's Dirty Little Secret (Coming Soon)






















The head of the Medlov Organized Crime Family, Dmitry Medlov, is the single most dangerous man in the world.  With a long history spanning from the gulags of a Russian prison to the streets of Moscow to the posh, luxurious castles and mansions of London, his climb to success is tale of epic successes and even larger failures.  A member of the feared and revered Vory v Zakone, his teachings and laws have shaped his view of his life, but the polarizing people in his life have shaped his future.  Read The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov: Volumes 1-12.  12 short stories about the first alpha of Interracial Romantic Suspense.  



There are compilations of these stories avaiable on Amazon with various volumes.  

Russian billionaire and Vor crime boss Dmitry Medlov has finally reached the pinnacle of his long bloody career.  Settled quietly in Memphis after his trek around the world, Dmitry’s life is reasonably peaceful and completely under his control.  As the Czar of the Russian mafiya underworld, he has spent over two decades warring with other syndicates to build an empire and a legacy, but now that he is king of the hill what good is his kingdom with no queen?  Dmitry knows that such a thing is dangerous for a man in his position, but still he can’t help his own hidden desires. 


When the beautiful Royal Stone enters his life looking for a job fresh out college, Dmitry sees an opportunity to find happiness once and for all, despite his solemn vows to the Vory v Zakone. Her hard work and dedication to his business earns his respect and her virtuous attitude toward men earns his heart.   Only, he discovers that despite his wealth buying her love won’t work.  He’ll have to earn it the old fashioned way.   And for the first time in his life, Dmitry is forced to court a woman. 


As their love blossoms, their problems flourish with it, including the emergence of old enemies like his neurotic sociopathic brother, Ivan Medlov, and host of gritty criminals with ties to his sordid past.    All are looking to take his place as Czar, take his money or steal his happiness.  These problems are all “run of the mill” for Dmitry, but growing a family, very much like growing an organized crime syndicate, proves to be one of Dmitry’s most challenging obstacles. 

How do you protect irreplaceable love?  How can keep the ones that you cherish for paying for your sins? 


Each book is a testament to Dmitry’s strength and position as the head of a crime syndicate; but he slowly realizes it’s the markings of a father.  As an orphan himself, he understands that what has truly grown is not only his family, but his appreciate for life. 


Read the first interracial romance series about bw/wm organized crime in the four-book series about a man who stepped outside the bounds of his code to experience the priceless gift of family.  




The Lonely Heart Series

The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov Series:

Volumes 1-12 

The Medlov Crime Family Series

The Medlov Men Series

The Agosto Family Series starts with the introduction of college queen Ivy Winters and top Memphis Police Cop, Nicola Agosto in the early 2000’s.  Over 1,200 pages between both Ivy’s Twisted Vine (2008) and The World In Reverse (2013) take you through a decade of their lives as an interracial couple and the family that they made together. It also takes you through their careers, their losses and struggle to not only stay to together, but stay honest in world of corruption.  This interracial drama is full of romance, love, sex and action.   




The Agosto Family Series 

The Medlov Men series is a contemporary look at the most revered Russian mafiya crime family in the free world and the inner workings of their personal lives.  Dealing with family, love and children, this new generation of Vory v Zakone holds dear to its old thieves of law code while evolving into a more complex multi-lateral organization with legitimate businesses.  The series consists of four books:  Vasily’s Revenge, Gabriel’s Regret, Anatoly’s Rage and Dmitry’s Redemption.



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