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Ivy's Twisted Vine (2008)

Book One

The Agosto Family Series


Memphis, TN is buzzing over the rumors behind future congressman Grey Henderson and the news of his college queen fiance, Ivy Winters. Ivy's pregnant but doesn't know who the father is. Despite the common assumption, she's not a cheap girl. In fact, she's only been with two men her entire life. A black, powerful politician and an Italian, playboy cop from Miami. Either of them could be the father and neither of them will back down. 

Grey and Nicola are both alpha males: successful, powerful, beautiful and dangerous. Will the love they both have for one young woman drive them to do unspeakable things?

Ivy wants to know who the father is. Grey wants to win the election. Nicola is the wild card. 

Travel on a dangerous and exciting journey of ambition, murder, sex, love and marriage in Ivy's Twisted Vine.












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