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The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov: Volume 6

Short Stories Series


A year after Russian billionaire crime boss Dmitry Medlov makes a deal with his lover/business partner, Elsa, and her father, a general in the Angolan MPLA to provide all of the munitions to fund their civil war in Africa, he hands over the reins of the agreement to her fully in order to take on more lucrative and legal ventures in Milan, Italy. 

Wrapped up in a huge development deal to build a new skyscraper, he turns his attention away from the Medlov Crime Family to strengthen the newly acquired Hutton Industries. Only his trust in those whom he as put in charge is quickly found to be misplaced. 

Dmitry's brother, Ivan Medlov, is building an army right under his nose to distribute and sell drugs at his night clubs and his new king maker's son is helping destroy him one secretive deal at a time. 

Meanwhile, Elsa and Ivan's wife, Arie, wage war on each other, not only over territory but also over Dmitry's affection. 

When Dmitry discovers all of the backstabbing schemes going on around him, he is forced to make life-changing decisions. 














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